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Welcome to my         felting world!

What started as a hobby has turned into my passion. 

I have learned that blessings in life

can be transformational.

With water and soap, wool is altered, and it all comes out in the wash.

When fibers are refashioned, unique

beauty is created.

felted stones.jpg
cuff bracelets.jpg
waist pack.jpg
Moon over the river.jpg

Current Exhibition



March 27 - April 29, 2023

Regional Juried Spring Open

Wayne Art Center




Wayne Art Center.jpg

Marcie Ziskind
Wet Felter & Fiber Artist

About Me

My nickname is Marzipan, and I am a mostly self-taught, Outsider Artist. I have loved fabric art since I was a child, when I created wall hangings from fabric swatches that my father brought home from his manufacturing plant.


For 13 years, I was the proud owner of the only paint-your-own-pottery studio in Philadelphia, PA, where children and adults were provided with opportunities to explore a variety of art media in a safe, positive and welcoming environment.

Wet felting is an art form in which natural fibers are exposed to hot soapy water, and a range of applied pressure transforms the loose fibers into a strong, cohesive fabric. Science and math are required to properly create textiles from loose fibers and to achieve the proper size of each project. I love to embellish my pieces with embroidery and beading to create one-of-a kind garments, jewelry, vessels, and landscapes.


I had been wet felting for many years before I took the process to another level several years ago after the devastating loss of my son, Harrison. Felting has provided an unexpected outlet for my grief due to the physical and meditative aspects of this craft. 

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